Welcome to my website. This website was originally created as a campaign website to communicate with PPOA members about the 2013 PPOA elections. Unfortunately, this website was hacked days after it was created and taken offline. I was able to restore it and had it up again within days. Soon thereafter, several more attempts were made to hack into it. Finally, they succeeded and hacked into it for a second time and took it offline permanently by shutting down the entire server hosting my website. As a result, the hosting company understandably refused to continue hosting my website and jeopardizing their other businesses. Therefore, my website was taken down during my election and I was unable to continue to communicate with the PPOA members.

I have decided to resurrect my website even though the election is over and use this website to continue to communicate with PPOA members and to allow them to communicate with me as well. I will post information that is relevant to PPOA members, including pension news, PPOA business, Sheriff’s election and much more. Please feel free to browse around this website and use the tools to communicate with my about anything you want.

Brian Moriguchi